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Introducing FUSIO

Get ready to meet FUSIO, the smart and social music speaker capable of adapting music selection to your guests' music taste, with a simple touch.

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Music Intelligence

We analyze your music history in a single tap. By mixing information from your listening habits and social interactions, we are able to create music sequences that completely fulfill your needs.

Music for everyone, everywhere

Music is very important in everyday life. This is why we design our products to accompany you in every activity throughout the day, whether you keep them inside your pocket or in your living room.

It has never been so easy

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, and that is to give everyone a chance to listen to good music in a smart and easy way. It will seem like magic to you.

Evolving with you

The music you love changes as you change, according to your taste and choices. Our products are designed to evolve with you and your moods in a natural and transparent way. 

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Smarfle app

Your personal music assistant.

Smarfle is a smart music player that recognizes your music listening habits and plays the right music at the right time, depending on the activity you’re involved in. The app is available for iOS devices.

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Democratizing the music selection

Imagine a music speaker, capable of recognizing who is at your home and automatically adapting the music selection to your guests' music taste. Meet FUSIO, the ultimate frontier of smart speakers.

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Smarfle for expo

The perfect music selection for Expo Milan 2015.

This exclusive version of our music player was designed to enhance the visitors’ experience at the international fair dedicated to the culture of food. The app, which created the perfect soundtrack for Expo 2015, is available on tablets of the TIM2go project by Telecom Italia.

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smarfle for business

Background music for the future retail world.

Music is a very important factor for retailers today. It enables them to create the perfect atmosphere and increase customer loyalty. Imagine if it was possible to tune-up the music selection based on taste of customers currently present in the shop in order to create the perfect atmosphere and increase the sales!

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